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The LearningLab of EducationPlus is excited to share John Hattie expert Ainsley Rose will present in St. Louis on September 28. [Register here]. He is Corwin Press’ lead trainer in North America for Visible Learning, and he will provide the foundation necessary to understand the baseline research and practices of Visible Learning while in St. Louis. Educators will identify and discuss the most important messages from the Visible Learning research, learn about the five strands and know the difference between the influences that ‘do’ and ‘do not’ make a significant difference in student achievement. Following up on Rose’s one-day Know Thy Impact presentation, EdPlus will offer the four-day series, Grow Thy Impact: Visible Learning in Practice. [Register here].

Learning packages will include: Assessment Capable Learner, Feedback, Data Based Decision Making, Creating Effective Common Formative Assessments, Student-Teacher Relationships, Metacognition, Reciprocal Teaching and Space vs. Massed Teaching.

These learning packages will be presented by consultants from the Regional Professional Development Center at EducationPlus.  These regional experts have attended training with Ainsley Rose as well as hours of training at DESE events and have authored and vetted many of the Visible Learning packages being presented throughout the state of Missouri.  Participants will have the opportunity to engage more deeply into eight of the most impactful instructional strategies as described by John Hattie on September 29, November 12, February 23 and April 8. Space is limited, registration [links above] is open now.