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gateway imageThe Education Plus Business Gateway is a collaborative effort of EducationPlus, St. Louis School-Business Partnership, DESE’s Pathways to Prosperity and other local educational institutions. By introducing today’s students to the worlds of engineering, manufacturing, health sciences, math, technology, construction and more, EducationPlus and its partners are creating graduates who will be better prepared for entering the workforce.

The Gateway is an online resource for
schools and businesses to find each other.

Schools and businesses can now post their needs or opportunities for community partnership on the Education Plus Business Gateway. These may include requests for classroom speakers, job shadowing opportunities, business tours, or internships.

There are advantages for schools and districts to participate, including placing teachers in real-world learning opportunities and making valuable connections to local businesses. The Gateway offers advantages for businesses by introducing students to jobs in their field; showing students the skills they will need for success; plus supporting education and the community.

Get started on the Education Plus Gateway today by visiting gateway.edplus.org.