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Congratulations to the EducationPlus 2014 Scholarship Award recipients; they were honored at a reception at EducationPlus on June 3. Learn more about the recipients and their plans:

Robert D. Elsea Scholarship Award
Pamela Walker, City of St. Charles School District

  • 12th Grade At-Risk Students; MO Options
  • 32 years teaching experience; 6 years in present position
  • Plans to continue strengths-based education through attending the StandOut Advantage workshop, utilizing new techniques in the classroom to enhance student learning and development

Gerald D. Troester Scholarship Award
Tina Lauer, City of St. Charles School District

  • Works with teachers of all grade levels (Pre-K through 12); Technology
  • 21 years experience; 2 years in present position
  • Plans to attend the EducationPlus Technology Leadership Academy for the 2014-2015 school year, and participation in this academy will help to train the teachers in the district on how to use technology in their classroom

Gary K. Wright Scholarship Award
Jason Lievanos, Parkway School District

  • 6th Grade Social Studies
  • 7 years teaching experience; 3 years in present position
  • Plans to become a Kagan-certified trainer to enhance students’ learning experience, train and support implementation of cooperative learning structures for teachers in the building as an improvement plan, and to offer workshops and support to teachers across the district

John Oldani Scholarship Award
April Burton, Francis Howell School District

  • 9th-12th Grade French
  • 14 years teaching experience; 11 years in present position
  • Plans to continue to learn more about cooperative learning by attending workshops and conferences that teach best practices for implementing 21st century learning into the classroom

CSD Health Insurance Trust Scholarship Award
Beth Moritz, Pattonville School District

  • 9th-11th Grade English/Honors English
  • 19 years teaching experience; 18 years in present position
  • Plans to participate in continuing education in the area of college and career readiness for high school students to ensure that students leave Pattonville with a knowledge of what opportunities exist for them and how to go about obtaining their goals