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The Character Education Partnership selected 44 schools and districts nationwide as National Schools of Character. All of Missouri’s honored schools and districts, 13 total, participate in the CharacterPlus® program. In addition, Missouri has more national schools and districts of character than any other state.

Those selected as National Schools of Character demonstrate significant increases in academics (increasing or high test scores), behavior (reduction in disciplinary actions) and climate (survey results show students feel safe and respected). All of the schools have created caring, supportive school communities that meet the needs of students. The local schools and districts to receive the recognition include:

Fox School District: Sherwood Elementary
Ladue School District: Ladue Middle
Lindbergh Schools: National District of Character, Sperreng Middle
Mehlville School District: National District of Character, Bernard Middle, Blades Elementary, Margaret Buerkle Middle, Oakville Elementary, Oakville Middle
Parkway Schools: McKelvey Elementary
Rockwood School District: Blevins Elementary
Special School District: Hiram Neuwoehner School

They are now expected to serve as models for other schools, helping them to achieve the same results. They will hold the distinction of a National School of Character for five years.

Focusing on “Academic Success through Character Development,” CharacterPlus helps develop character within young people in and outside the classroom. CharacterPlus programs help students see that they can demonstrate good character throughout their daily lives. Next month, at the CharacterPlus National Conference, participants will have an opportunity to hear from both State and National Schools of Character from Missouri.

To learn more about CharacterPlus, a resource of EducationPlus, visit www.characterplus.org. Congratulations to the National Schools of Character!