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CharacterPlus, a resource of EducationPlus, will hold the 20th annual CharacterPlus National Conference June 17-18. In addition to the presence of perennial favorite Hal Urban, sessions from educators across the country focus on:

  • Common Core
  • Curriculum Integration
  • Research/Data Driven Decision Making
  • Safety/Security
  • School Climate/Culture
  • Social & Emotional Skills
  • Unity/Team Building Activities-Building Relationships
  • plus more

Coffee cup.epsIn addition, four keynote speakers will refuel and energize conference attendees. Tara Brown is a specialist in connecting with youth and building relationships with students and staff. Her career has impacted mainstream, at risk teens and nontraditional leaders by empowering them with leadership and life skills and guiding them toward the life they envisioned. Rich Grawer is a St. Louis sports legend, having served as the head basketball coach at St. Louis University and coached at the University of Missouri. He is a proven leader and has guided young people through his career with successful stints as a high school coach and athletic director. Stephen Peters founded the Gentlemen’s Club, which provides opportunities for students to enhance self-esteem and self-image. The process is being used as a successful intervention tool in many inner city, urban and now rural school districts. John O’Leary is an author and international speaker. He will share his inspirational story of how he overcame life’s challenges through the support of others and his strong personal character.

Learn more about the conference and hear what others are saying about it by visiting www.edplus.org.