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This one day workshop is for administrators working to decrease suspensions and for teachers or counselors who feel like they have tried every strategy in the book to help certain students succeed. (School teams of two or more are encouraged, but not required, to attend this professional development at CSD). Together, participants will learn practical, user-friendly strategies which equip educators with 10 practices to support change in student behavior; promote student accountability and responsibility; help plan for their success and remain accountable; and help educators proactively support students with social or emotional difficulties.

Presenter Drew Schwartz holds a B.A. from Emory University and an M.A. from the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel in government and conflict resolution. He currently works as a consultant for K-12 schools, helping educators develop proactive, practical tools which set the tone for their students’ social and academic success.

This workshop is Friday, February 22, 2013. Cost & registration information can be found online. For additional information regarding the content of this event contact: Drew Schwartz at dschwartz@csd.org.