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All teachers are invited to participate in Cooperating School Districts and the RPDC’s annual “Winter Warm-Up” using John Hattie’s research “line-up” to re-engage teachers on January 16, 2013. Research by author and educator John Hattie suggests that what works best for students is also what works best for teachers; evidence supports the largest effect on student learning occurs “when teachers become learners of their own teaching, and when students become their own teachers.” During the one-day workshop, participants will learn how to re-tool lessons for optimal student engagement.

research by John Hattie suggests that what works
best for students is what works best for teachers

Workshop participants will also receive a copy of Hattie’s book, Visible Learning for Teachers and receive lunch for the $75 registration fee. They will explore, along with  formative and summative student assessment strategies and discuss ways to integrate technology to facilitate interactive learning. In addition, (new) teachers can receive a certification of completion to fulfill their Beginning Teacher Assistance (BTA) requirement for Missouri Career Continuous certification upgrade. Contact Laurie Milburn for further information regarding the Winter Warm-Up in January at Cooperating School Districts.