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In this upcoming professional development session from Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis, come learn about the new nation-wide curriculum standards, the Common Core. All teachers, especially those serving students with disabilities, need to learn the hierarchical structure, terminology, and cross-curricular integration components of the Common Core State Standards. Common Core Standards and Special Education: Making the Fit! begins November 26 and concludes on the 27th.

• Explore the content of the CCSS
• Practice writing a standards-based IEP (PLEP and IEP goals) aligned to English Language Arts (ELA) and Math  Standards
• Develop efficient and customized data-collection methods
• Delve into instructional strategies for the special education & inclusion classroom
• Be guided through a deep analysis of how their students’ abilities match up to CCSS expectations

Teachers will gain an understanding of the “fit” between special education and the CCSS through the process of redefining the purpose of the IEP into a data-driven, standards-centered tool.

Presenter Sarah M. S. Kwilinski is a former special education teacher and has taught in various educational environments around the world, including settings such as an inclusion-only program, a Resource Room, and program for emotionally impaired students. She currently resides in Michigan, where she is co-owner of Quill Professional Development.

Participants will be provided with a set of CCSS Quill Professional Development cards matched to content areas (ELA, Math, Literacy, Social Studies and Science). Each set begins with an explanation of the CCSS coding system and the number of standards at each grade level and includes blank chart cards and instructions so teachers can determine each student’s instructional level within the standards. Teachers can move through this process quickly to place students or they can use the charts as a communication tool when planning differentiated instruction or inclusion programs. Finally, each set includes six pages of posters to explain how the CCSS for ELA were developed, their interrelated components, the progression of concepts across grade levels, and factors to consider when teaching.

This is just one of several Common Core related PD offerings from CSD this fall. We have various sessions to meet different audience needs. Other PD, with special guest speakers, include:

• Ferdi Serim on October 1 & 2 discussing how to promote digital learning and college & career readiness in the classroom
• Lisa Dieker on October 4 discussing how to improve co-teaching practices to meet Common Core Standards
• Alan November on October 22 discussing how to teach skills to today’s teachers and students that will outlast tomorrow’s changes in technology

CSD’s Learning Division will be holding other CCSS related trainings, too, like:
Meeting Common Core Standards Using Google Tools
Meeting the Common Core Standards in the Elementary Classroom Using the Interactive Whiteboard
Creating Interactive Whiteboard Lessons to Meet ELA Common Core Standards in the Secondary Classroom
Creating Interactive Whiteboard Lessons to Meet Math Common Core Standards in the Secondary Classroom
Finding Needles in a Haystack: Searching & Understanding the Web to Meet Common Core Standards (2-Evening Class)

Please visit our calendar of events to see dates, times, locations, and fees (where applicable). Registration is still open for the above professional development sessions, but space is limited. CSD is committed to supporting area schools during the Common Core transition.