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Cooperating School Districts’ Learning Division staff, including St. Louis RPDC educators, worked with over 300 paraprofessionals in the Fort Zumwalt School District on August 8 during a full-day of professional development.

Training in multiple areas took place, including PD on data collection for FBA-BIP’s, conversations on classroom and behavior management, plus learning strategies were shared. The paraprofessionals in attendance provide one-to-one assistance to students; they are a vital presence in more than twenty schools within the district.

In the morning, the paras attended specific sessions, focusing on topics such as working with autistic students, receiving an introduction to the profession (for those who were new paras), and learning about available online resources. In the afternoon, roundtable discussions on behavior and communication took place. The paras participated in a guided, but informal chat, to exchange opinions and ideas on the topics. In the communications roundtable, participants heard case studies and also focused on creating and improving communication to create a classroom team of teachers and paras that lead to successful learning environment for all students.

CSD‘s Martha Bogart, Tricia Buchanan, Rodney Cook, Nancy George, Stephanie Madlinger and Laurie Milburn presented and facilitated discussions, sharing their expertise in disciplines like technology integration and Special Education.