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Cooperating School Districts is offering a four-part Special Education Attorney Series beginning in September. Educators including superintendents, principals, counselors, diagnosticians, special education administrators, special education teachers, and federal program supervisors are invited to attend. The total series will be a package cost of $190 for CSD members and $290 for non-members. These SPED workshops are also offered for individual enrollment if participants chose not to register for the entire series; if participants opt to register for the package rate, they will receive a savings of $50. For more information, such are enrollment deadlines, phone Brian Lankheit at (314) 692-1242.

9.27.2012 | 1-4 PM
The first workshop, Special Education Private Placements, will focus on publicly placed students and address subtopics such as what justifications are there for removal to a private placement and what is the connection between least restrictive environment (LRE) and the connection of the requirement to provide a free appropriate public education (FAPE). The workshop will include discussion of relevant court cases and administrative decisions from the U.S. Department of Education and is presented by Heidi Atkins Lieberman, a partner in the Thomeczek and Brink Law Firm. Prior to joining the firm, Heidi served as the Assistant Commissioner for nearly four years and Legal Counsel for 16 years for the Division of Special Education, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Cost: $70 CSD members; $100 non-members. Reference #: 34207-29. September workshop online registration.

10.23.2012 | 1-4 PM
The second workshop, IEEs/Critical Issues in Special Education, will focus on IEEs in the first hour and address subtopics such as what should a district policy provide for, what are district’s options when parent requests an IEE, what are the parameters a district can set, what duty does a district have when the IEE report is received. During the second and third hour, this workshop will focus on a variety of topics that pose difficulties and confusion for the field using laws, regulations, court decisions, and U.S. Department of Education policy and decision letters to help clarify and understand them. Examples of topics that will be covered include discipline requirements under IDEA, Response to Intervention (RtI), eligibility issues including determination of adverse educational impact, evaluation issues, comparison of IDEA to Section 504, confidentiality of records, IEP meetings, and written notice triggers. Heidi Atkins Lieberman will again present. Cost: $70 CSD members; $100 non-members
Reference #: 34207-30. October workshop online registration.

11.2.2012 | 9 AM-12 PM
The third workshop, Effective Supervision & Evaluation of Special Education Teachers, will provide guidance on the best practices for the supervision and evaluation of special education teachers in order to ensure that you personnel decisions are legally compliant. We will address teacher termination procedures, and will discuss the importance of addressing performance concerns in the context of the IDEA and Section 504, including practical tips on how to conduct evaluations, write performance improvement plans, and assist teachers in improving performance. Presenter Michelle H. Basi practices in the areas of school law, special education, school litigation, and labor and employment law. Michelle represents school districts throughout Missouri with respect to employment and termination matters, special education, Section 504, student discipline and student rights, civil rights, and
church/state issues. Cost: $30 CSD members; $40 non-members
Reference #: 34207-27. November online registration.

12.4.2012 | 9:30 AM- 3:30 PM [LUNCH IS PROVIDED]
The fourth and final workshop, Section 504 Training, will address new developments in Section 504. Discussion will focus on the basics of 504 as applied to students in public schools as well as recent cases of significant from Missouri and around the country. Presenter Teri B. Goldman is of counsel in the law firm of Mickes Goldman O’Toole, LLC. She has represented more than 200 of Missouri’s school districts in special education matters. She also represents school districts in special education and 504 due process cases and in cases before state and federal courts. Cost: $70 CSD members; $100 non-members. Reference #: 34207-28. December online registration.

Cooperating School Districts’ member school districts represent 1/3 of Missouri’s K-12 student population. To learn more about the professional development services CSD provides, please visit www.csd.org.