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Taking place on July 25 and 26th in downtown St. Louis is the Missouri Distance Learning Association’s (MoDLA) 15th annual conference. MoDLA is a non-profit association that was formed to promote the development and application of distance learning to education and training. This year’s conference theme is
The Evolution and Innovation of eLearning Environments

Cooperating School Districts has been actively involved with MoDLA for several years; most recently, in 2011, CSD’s Stephanie Madlinger was named the K-12 Educator honoree in their Excellence Awards. Stephanie will be presenting, along with HEC-TV’s Helen Headrick, at the 2012 conference on a the efforts of a local committee to promote and utilize distance learning tools in the classroom. The Show-Me Distance Learning committee, which is made up of multiple St. Louis area school districts, HEC-TV, CSD, and MOREnet staff members, has met regularly for over two years to discuss challenges, new technologies, and collaboration ideas. Stephanie (a Google Certified Teacher) will also present on Google. In addition, CSD’s Nancy George will present at the conference on District’s-Choice, our online learning program. She will explain how participating school districts can choose from a menu of online selections to customize their own online learning program.

Conference keynotes include Kyle Pace, Jason Rhode, Kerry Rice, and Jean Runyon, with general session speakers from throughout the state.
To learn more about MoDLA and the conference, visit http://www.modla.org.