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Cooperating School Districts has been approved as a Supplemental Education Services provider by the state of Missouri. If your district has schools & students that qualify for SES, please contact us to take advantage of our research-based math and reading programs, which are built on the decades of experience we have in public K-12 education.

We offer SES in an after-school tutoring program for K-8 students. The tutoring is offered in a small-group format (and includes snacks for students) and also is accompanied by monthly progress reports sent to parents.

Our SES program employs teachers from your buildings who already know the students. These teachers truly help them as they take the next steps toward academic achievement. This is a great option to improve your students’ performance. Students using this tutoring program showed dramatic results after participation:

17% increase in Word Recognition
21% increase in Fluency
29% increase in Comprehension
29% growth in Math

A quality SES program can improve student achievement and work habits, reduce delinquent or risky behaviors and improve social and behavioral skills. For more information on SES at CSD, please contact David Sanders, Director of Professional Development.