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Cooperating School Districts has a nationally-recognized, award-winning distance learning program called New Links. New Links brings content into classrooms to enrich the curriculum over videoconference, Skype and webinar. Content providers New Links has worked with include authors (like Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, right, and Amy E. Sklansky, below), artists, science and health educators, plus experts in art, history and music. To see a short video on New Links, click here.

There are now four subscription options for districts to select from:

Skype Only is for any size school/district–– Annual Fee $250
Basic is for school/district under 2,500 students–– Annual Fee $500
Standard is for any size school/district–– Annual Fee $1,650
Premium is for any size school/district–– Annual Fee $3,000

With an annual subscription, members get ongoing coordination and support from the Virtual Learning Center of CSD. Also, as part of New Links membership, schools get free videoconferencing/ distance learning professional development from Virtual Learning Center staff- in person, or over videoconference, Skype or webinar. To see a full list of benefits, look into the subscription options above.

In recent years, K-12 students and teachers in the St. Louis area, and beyond, have connected to places such as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef; The Globe Theatre in London, England; The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor; and to students in Rwanda, Iraq, Uganda through Global Nomads Group. In addition, several classroom-to-classroom collaborations have taken place. New Links subscriptions are open to any school or district that wants to join. To learn more about distance learning opportunities through CSD’s New Links, contact Rebecca Morrison of the Virtual Learning Center.