CharacterPlus Celebrates Local Schools Receiving 2019 National Schools of Character Distinction



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Contact: Christine McDonald

Director of Communications

CharacterPlus Celebrates Local Schools Receiving
2019 National Schools of Character Distinction

(May 10, 2019) St. Louis, MO… CharacterPlus, the Missouri affiliate for, is proud to announce the region’s 2019 National Schools of Character. Nationwide, 88 schools were recognized with this honor, and 15 of those schools are from the St. Louis region. Additionally, only 3 districts were recognized as National Districts of Character, and all are in the St. Louis Metro area.

“We congratulate our member schools for the dedication and commitment that is required to go through the rigorous evaluation process,” said Nicole Diehl, Missouri Coordinator for the Schools of Character process. “CharacterPlus is proud to partner with these schools as they work to earn the designation of National School of Character, which recognizes the hard work of teachers, administrators, staff, students and families.”

All of the schools selected as National Schools of Character have demonstrated a dedicated focus on character development and provided data that their character education processes have had a positive impact on academics, student behavior and school climate. This designation lasts for five years.

This year, for the first time, a district has received the designation for the third time, having been recognized as a National District of Character since 2008:

Lindbergh Schools*

Seven regional schools and districts that were previously recognized as National Schools and Districts of Character reapplied and received the designation of National School of Character for the second time: 

Blevins Elementary*
Rockwood School District
Hiram Neuwoehner High School*
Special School District
Ladue Middle School*
Ladue School District
Mehlville School District*
Lindbergh High School*
Lindbergh Schools
McKelvey Elementary*
Parkway School District
Sperreng Middle School*
Lindbergh Schools

Ten regional schools and districts received the National Schools of Character designation for the first time this year:

Emge Junior High School*
Harmony Emge School District 
Ladue School District* 
Hanna Woods Elementary*
Parkway School District
Ladue Early Childhood Center*
Ladue School District 
Hancock Place High School
Hancock Place School District
Lafayette High School*
Rockwood School District 
Harmony Intermediate Center*
Harmony Emge School District
Maple Grove Elementary
Northwest R-I School District
Hillcrest STEAM Academy
Belton School District
Truman Middle School*
Lindbergh Schools

* CharacterPlus member

CharacterPlus member schools represent nearly 25% of the National Schools of Character over the program’s 22-year history.

CharacterPlus, a resource of EducationPlus, is a nonprofit committed to developing positive character traits in young people by providing a high-quality character education process and resources to schools, homes and communities. Through CharacterPlus, these schools have received development and training in effective character education for school transformation. To learn more about the work of CharacterPlus, visit

For additional information about each school’s journey to National School of Character designation, contact Christine McDonald, EducationPlus Director of Communications, at 314.692.1233 or