Visible Learning Foundations & Practice


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The LearningLab of EducationPlus is excited to share John Hattie expert Ainsley Rose will present in St. Louis on September 28. [Register here]. He is Corwin Press’ lead trainer in North America for Visible Learning, and he will provide the foundation necessary to understand the baseline research and practices of Visible Learning while in St. Louis. Educators will identify and discuss the most important messages from the Visible Learning research, learn about the five strands and know the difference between the influences that ‘do’ and ‘do not’ make a significant difference in student achievement. Following up on Rose’s one-day Know Thy Impact presentation, EdPlus will offer the four-day series, Grow Thy Impact: Visible Learning in Practice. [Register here].

Learning packages will include: Assessment Capable Learner, Feedback, Data Based Decision Making, Creating Effective Common Formative Assessments, Student-Teacher Relationships, Metacognition, Reciprocal Teaching and Space vs. Massed Teaching.

These learning packages will be presented by consultants from the Regional Professional Development Center at EducationPlus.  These regional experts have attended training with Ainsley Rose as well as hours of training at DESE events and have authored and vetted many of the Visible Learning packages being presented throughout the state of Missouri.  Participants will have the opportunity to engage more deeply into eight of the most impactful instructional strategies as described by John Hattie on September 29, November 12, February 23 and April 8. Space is limited, registration [links above] is open now.

Congratulations to the CharacterPlus Members Selected as 2015 National Schools of Character


, , , , , , , , , , , , , recognized 64 schools and three school districts as 2015 National Schools of Character. Fifteen of Missouri’s honored schools and one from Illinois are members of CharacterPlus®, a resource of EducationPlus®. More than 20% of all National Schools of Character in 2015 are members of CharacterPlus.

Missouri once again leads the nation with 18 National Schools of Character.

CharacterPlus coordinates the State Schools of Character program in Missouri and is committed to building strong school communities where students feel valued and can succeed. This work is also sponsored by the St. Louis Rams, advocates of character and youth development. Congratulations to the following schools:

•  Antonia Middle School, Fox School District
•  Bayless High School, Bayless School District
•  Bayless Jr. High, Bayless School District
•  Christian Ott Elementary, Independence School District
•  Cold Water Elementary School, Hazelwood School District
•  Forder Elementary School, Mehlville School District
•  Fox Middle School, Fox School District
•  Grace Early Childhood Care Center & Education Center, Belton School District
•  Mill Creek Upper Elementary School, Belton School District
•  Oak Brook Elementary, Parkway School District
•  Oakville High School, Mehlville School District
•  Point Elementary School, Mehlville School District
•  Pond Elementary School, Rockwood School District
•  Rogers Elementary School, Mehlville School District
•  Selvidge Middle School, Rockwood School District
•  Southwest Early Childhood Center, Jefferson City School District
•  Union Elementary School, Belleville #118 School District
•  William Chrisman High School, Independence School District
•  Windsor High School, Windsor School District

In addition, several State and National Schools of Character present June 16-17 at the CharacterPlus National Conference. The focus of those presentations will be on the The 11 Principles of Effective Character Education.

Missouri Announces Gold Star Schools


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The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education announced the eight winners of this year’s Gold Star Schools. This program recognizes public schools that perform at high academic levels or that perform at high levels while serving a significant proportion of disadvantaged students.

Established in 1991, the Gold Star Schools program aligns with the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. The Gold Star Schools program uses the same criteria for nomination as the National Blue Ribbon Schools program. Recipients of the state’s award were nominated for national Blue Ribbon recognition. The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes public and private elementary, middle and high schools based on their overall academic excellence or their progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients, including six EducationPlus members:

  •  Barbara Blanchard Elementary, Cape Girardeau 63 School District
  •  Ralph M. Captain Elementary, School District of Clayton
  •  Ladue Middle School, Ladue School District
  •  Truman Middle School, Lindbergh Schools
  •  New Haven High School, New Haven School District
  •  McKelvey Elementary School, Parkway C-2 School District
  •  West Middle School, Parkway C-2 School District
  •  Kennard Classical Junior Academy, St. Louis Public Schools

The U.S. Department of Education announces the Blue Ribbon Schools this fall.

Support Staff Mini-Conference Returns


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SSA-NEW logo The Support Staff Academy Mini-Conference takes place June 10 at the Spellman Center at Lindenwood University. School staff are invited to attend this full-day of professional development, kicked off by speaker Koran Bolden. The mini-conference includes Bolden’s keynote, choice of four breakout sessions, morning refreshments, lunch and a day full of networking, learning and fun. Registration is now open; the price is $114 for members and the standard price is $139 (remember that learning credits may be used). For questions on this event, contact Karen Vaughan at

EducationPlus Scholarship Awards Announced


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EducationPlus is proud to announce the winners of the 2015 EducationPlus Scholarship Awards. Congratulations to these five highly deserving educators who have been selected to receive a $1,500 stipend intended to further the recipient’s professional development with an emphasis on improving student performance. The recipients will also have their names placed on a plaque at EducationPlus and scholarship winners will be honored on June 12 at the EducationPlus year-end celebration.

Robert D. Elsea Scholarship Award
Shannon Crepps, Francis Howell School District
•    6th-8th grade instrumental music (band)
•    10 years teaching experience, 9 in present position
•    Plans to visit Shadow Ridge Middle School and Marcus High School in Dallas, Texas to observe differentiated instruction in an instrumental music setting.

Gerald D. Troester Scholarship Award
Rainah Pray, Francis Howell School District
•    2nd grade
•    10 years of teaching experience, 1 in present position •
Plans to attend the McREL Summer Classroom Instruction That Works Refresh Institute in Denver, Colorado.

Gary K. Wright Scholarship Award
Michelle McKinley, Wentzville School District
•    2nd grade
•    8 years of teaching experience, 7 years in present position
•    Plans to attend The Leader in Me program, and conduct site visits to other schools in the metropolitan St. Louis area that have implemented The Leader in Me and Seven Habits programs in their buildings.

John Oldani Scholarship Award
Brian Santos, Francis Howell School District
•    9th-12th grade Spanish
•    9 years of teaching experience, 8 years in present position
•    Plans to attend one of the following conferences: National Kagan Cooperative Learning Workshop, National Spanish AP Language Workshop or Central State Conference in Foreign Language.

CSD Health Insurance Trust Scholarship Award
Bobby Hughes, Hazelwood School District
•    9th-10th grade science
•    11 years of teaching experience, 1 year in present position
•    Plans to participate in training to learn a variety of effective assessment techniques and use assessment data to improve student performance, particularly in the area of science.

EducationPlus Scholarship Awards Accepting Applications

The EducationPlus Scholarship Awards were established to assist highly deserving teachers to continue professional development. The awards consist of a $1,500 stipend that is to be used to further the recipient’s professional development, with emphasis on improving student performance. There are five scholarships awarded annually:

  • Robert D. Elsea Scholarship— an award established in honor of Dr. Elsea, who served as EducationPlus’s Executive Director for 21 years (1966-1987).
  • Gerald D. Troester Scholarship— an award established in honor of Dr. Troester, who served as EducationPlus’s Executive Director for 5 years (1987-1992).
  • Gary K. Wright Insurance Trust Scholarship— an award established in honor of Dr. Wright, who served as EducationPlus’s Executive Director for 9 years (1992-2001).
  • John Oldani Scholarship— an award established in honor of Dr. Oldani, who served as EducationPlus’s Executive Director for 6 years (2001-2007).
  • CSD Health Insurance Trust Scholarship*— an award sponsored by the school districts participating in CSD’s Health Insurance Trust.

EducationPlus is accepting nominations until March 23, 2015. Each nomination must be accompanied by a completed application showing scholarly achievements, personal accomplishments and professional qualifications. All submissions must include a letter of support from the superintendent. Learn more here.

Cultural Proficiency Institute from Corwin Press and The LearningLab


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corwinThe Cultural Proficiency Institute is designed to bring educators together to discuss issues of diversity, equity, access and opportunity. Participants in this two-day institute, offered in partnership with Corwin Press, will:

Learn the four tools of Cultural Proficiency
Deepen their understanding of Cultural Proficiency as a framework to eliminate the achievement gap
Develop strategies to inquire more deeply into their own practices and embrace culture as an asset
Receive tools to help mediate conversations with colleagues, students, parents
Understand how bias contributes to and impacts ethical decision making for children and their families, contributing to disproportionate education, health and other outcomes

Shift the culture of your school, district and community by learning a research-based framework designed to improve the nature of instruction and enhance teacher effectiveness, heighten achievement for all students and build capacity to sustain long-term change.

Registration is open now for the June 22-23 event and closes when it either reaches  capacity or on June 8. The institute will take place at Lafayette High School in the Rockwood School District. The cost is $399 for EdPlus members, while the standard price is $449. To learn more about LearningLab opportunities and Grow Thy Impact, visit our website.

Education Plus Business Gateway


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gateway imageThe Education Plus Business Gateway is a collaborative effort of EducationPlus, St. Louis School-Business Partnership, DESE’s Pathways to Prosperity and other local educational institutions. By introducing today’s students to the worlds of engineering, manufacturing, health sciences, math, technology, construction and more, EducationPlus and its partners are creating graduates who will be better prepared for entering the workforce.

The Gateway is an online resource for
schools and businesses to find each other.

Schools and businesses can now post their needs or opportunities for community partnership on the Education Plus Business Gateway. These may include requests for classroom speakers, job shadowing opportunities, business tours, or internships.

There are advantages for schools and districts to participate, including placing teachers in real-world learning opportunities and making valuable connections to local businesses. The Gateway offers advantages for businesses by introducing students to jobs in their field; showing students the skills they will need for success; plus supporting education and the community.

Get started on the Education Plus Gateway today by visiting

EducationPlus Offers a Comprehensive System of Support for All Principals


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EducationPlus is hosting a special event on Tuesday, September 23rd from 2-6 pm for principals and assistant principals with Dr. Susan Szachowicz, senior fellow with the International Center for Leadership in Education. At the this kickoff, attendees will learn more about Principles for Principals, the new year-long professional learning program offered by EducationPlus. Developed with the International Center for Leadership in Education, the academy will help good principals become great, and great principals become better.

Susan Szachowicz On September 23rd, Dr. Szachowicz will share how she is dedicated to ensuring all students achieve college and career readiness and firmly believes the ideology: “high expectations, high standards-no excuses.” She has served students at Brockton High School, a large comprehensive urban high school for her entire career. Under her leadership, the school went from 56 percent of students passing the state’s standardized test in ELA to 94 percent and from 24 percent passing in math to above 85 percent.

To register for the kickoff to learn more about the academy and to hear from Dr. Szachowicz, click here. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, CI Select, School Specialty, Tremco and xpedx, EducationPlus is able to offer the kickoff and reception at no cost at at the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac. To see topics and dates of the Principles for Principals Academy starting later this fall, see the comments section below. Registration for the seven sessions academy opens online soon.

EducationPlus 2014 Scholarship Awards


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Congratulations to the EducationPlus 2014 Scholarship Award recipients; they were honored at a reception at EducationPlus on June 3. Learn more about the recipients and their plans:

Robert D. Elsea Scholarship Award
Pamela Walker, City of St. Charles School District

  • 12th Grade At-Risk Students; MO Options
  • 32 years teaching experience; 6 years in present position
  • Plans to continue strengths-based education through attending the StandOut Advantage workshop, utilizing new techniques in the classroom to enhance student learning and development

Gerald D. Troester Scholarship Award
Tina Lauer, City of St. Charles School District

  • Works with teachers of all grade levels (Pre-K through 12); Technology
  • 21 years experience; 2 years in present position
  • Plans to attend the EducationPlus Technology Leadership Academy for the 2014-2015 school year, and participation in this academy will help to train the teachers in the district on how to use technology in their classroom

Gary K. Wright Scholarship Award
Jason Lievanos, Parkway School District

  • 6th Grade Social Studies
  • 7 years teaching experience; 3 years in present position
  • Plans to become a Kagan-certified trainer to enhance students’ learning experience, train and support implementation of cooperative learning structures for teachers in the building as an improvement plan, and to offer workshops and support to teachers across the district

John Oldani Scholarship Award
April Burton, Francis Howell School District

  • 9th-12th Grade French
  • 14 years teaching experience; 11 years in present position
  • Plans to continue to learn more about cooperative learning by attending workshops and conferences that teach best practices for implementing 21st century learning into the classroom

CSD Health Insurance Trust Scholarship Award
Beth Moritz, Pattonville School District

  • 9th-11th Grade English/Honors English
  • 19 years teaching experience; 18 years in present position
  • Plans to participate in continuing education in the area of college and career readiness for high school students to ensure that students leave Pattonville with a knowledge of what opportunities exist for them and how to go about obtaining their goals

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